How Is University Life Different From School And College?

How Is University Life Different From School And College?

If you are in your last years of school, or studying in college then you have already considered going to university. University life might be a huge change. Thus it is better for you to be aware of every of the things, which make it diverse from school or college. So, if you do choose to go, you may adjust quickly and create your best experience. In university life, there will be so much freedom you will obtain. But then it takes some sometime you get used to it. But if you think about the future, then the change is very much easier for you.

Thus, in this article, I am going to show you everything what is the difference between school or college and university. Then you can make your decision if the university is truly the ideal choice for you or not. And prove it is not as creepy as you think.

Teaching at University:

The main difference between the university school and college is the means by which you are being trained. You will have more freedom in university as compared to school.

Select what you learn:

In school, you have been given a set syllabus that you need to follow. And you do not have any choice in the subjects you learn till you select your GCSEs. But then in university life, you select the course which you want to study right away. So, this is the best chance to select the course which you truly enjoy and want to effort on.  Afterward, once you complete your first year you will normally obtain the opportunity to select your classes and the certain topics you want to learn.

Teaching Schedule:

In school or college your possible timetable with classes from Monday to Friday.  But then in University life, your timetable will be different. Because you will have fewer classes during the whole week. You will also have long breaks between your lessons. Or well you do not have any class in an entire day. In the 2nd or 3rd years of your degree, you will obtain as well more free time. But then you will be likely to have a lot more independent study in University life.

What are Teaching methods?

In school and college, you will have a similar teacher teaching an entire lesson. The teacher provides you a plenty of help and support.  In university life, you will have more teachers who are known as lecturers, for every of your classes. As well you won’t be teaching in a classroom. Because at university you will have a combination of lectures and seminars. The class sizes of every lecture in university life are up to 100 to 200 students with 1 teacher. This is where you study the bulk of the course info. You will then have seminars with groups of around 5 to 30 students with only 1 teacher.  In these seminars, you are capable of asking many questions and working on many activities depending on what you have studied in the lecture.


You will not assign any fixed homework in university life. But then you will have deadlines to finish assignments and essays during the year. You do not need to worry about that now, there are tons of My Assignment Help UK services available right now that will support you in creating top-quality assignments. As well you will be likely to complete plenty of independent work at home to prepare these assignments.  Thus it is very crucial for you to handle your time well. Even though you will be doing plenty of work freely in your comfort, but then you still need a lot of support from your teachers and friends.


There is one big change you will notice once you adopt university life is that you do not need to wear any uniform.  You can wear any kind of dress you want.


In university life, your work has possibly been assessed mostly over the combination of assignments or exams.  You may study the diverse range of assessments which may contain presentations, group projects, reports, etc. And also essays and exams. Even in your last year, you will possibly need to write a dissertation with in-depth research. That may be around normally 15000 words long.

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