CIPD Top Festival of Work 2023


Workshops on creativity and innovation helped participants gain knowledge and skills while exchanging fresh concepts to transform the workplace.

The Appogee HR team was present during the function. Here is a brief overview of the three major trends now influencing the HR sector. I got all of the information on the CIPD festival from the CIPD Assignment Writing Services UK website.

Workers’ Welfare

As you can see, it should not be shocking that a Wellbeing Village devoted to the welfare of workers was included during the Festival of Work. However, there are numerous exhibitor stalls loaded with businesses providing useful information and demonstrations. Such as massages and yoga, could be found in the designated area. Expert talks on themes including creating a staff health strategy and enhancing resilience skills were given on the main stage.

Participants were assisted in incorporating well-being practices into their workplaces by the Wellbeing Village. Individuals could comprehend and manage the obstacles to their monetary, psychological, emotional, and bodily well-being.

Panelists agreed more and more that companies need to invest in their employees if they want to boost output, job happiness, and staff retention. in addition to their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

These are the best four tactics for preserving employee well-being and making people the focal point of your company.

  1. Speak with your team members to learn about their needs. Provide important, needs-based well-being initiatives. Question, consider, evaluate, act.
  1. Provide perks outside of the workplace. Workers who are dealing with various issues outside of work can become sidetracked and unproductive at work.
  2. Provide a healthy lifestyle example. Emails sent after work or failing to take your yearly leave allotment might lead to workers developing bad work habits.
  3. Convey gratitude and acknowledgment. Who wouldn’t want to feel valued for a job well done? Express your appreciation for their work by giving them sincere praise and shout-outs.

AI In The Workplace

Businesses are utilizing HR AI technologies more and more. Generative AI can help businesses identify trends, optimize procedures, and boost productivity through pattern matching.

The idea is gaining traction, as evidenced by the fact that 35% of employers are already testing AI in their workplaces. Also, another 40% are investing in their tech teams to do the same.

Attendees had numerous chances to talk about AI’s effects on HR and receive guidance on how humans and AI may collaborate to increase productivity during the event.

Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, & Belonging (DEI&B):

Individuals still perceive discrimination at work. A poisonous CIPD work environment is brought about by incompetent managers and leaders, poor procedures, and ignorance.

During their presentations, DEI&B professionals provided helpful tips on how to use strategic planning and learning. Also, development to create an inclusive workplace.

Our parting thoughts

The enormous number of HR professionals in attendance at the Festival of Work provided several chances for insightful educational experiences.

The occasion served as a reminder to ponder and look after oneself in addition to boosting understanding and confidence in the key HR trends impacting today’s workforce.

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